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Thread Lifts Can Be a Great
Way to Rejuvenate and
Restore Youthful Contours
to Areas Such as The Brows,
Cheeks, Jowls and the Neck Area.

Want a Facelift Without Surgery?

We’ll now its possible at The Real You Clinic. We are offering our new thread lifts in Twickenham. There are two types of thread lift available; Silhouette Soft® and PDO.

They require different techniques depending on the results you are seeking. The thread lift can be used to tighten the skin and lift the facial and body structures. Areas include under eyes, brow lift, crows feet, lifting of the lower face, neck lift and tighten, lip lines and breast lift.

This is a non-surgical face-lift where a fine needle is inserted to elevate the sagging tissue and lift problem areas.

Why Would You Want a Thread Lift on The Face?

As we get older we lose collagen and elastin in our skin which can lead to a saggy facial tone or expression to the head and neck areas, along with the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and creases. Losing this protein, combined with a natural loss of fat on the face, can make the upper cheeks and chin look very tired and aged.

The Thread Lift Treatment (Non-Surgical Facelift)

Silhouette Soft (or suture lift) is an amazing and revolutionary treatment to tackle prominent signs of ageing. Without the use of any incisions or surgery, anchoring sutures are placed under the skin using a fine needle to elevate the sagging tissue and lift problem areas. The treatment can take as little as 30 minutes under local anaesthetic and requires no hospital stay afterwards.

The sutures used in the treatment are completely biodegradable, meaning they will not need to be removed. The principle component, polylactic acid, encourages the body’s production of collagen, meaning your skin will appear naturally fuller over time, even after the sutures have dissolved.

The Results After a Thread Lift

The PDO thread lift gently lifts and repositions tissues that have fallen into the hands of gravity, resulting in a more youthful appearance. Hollow cheeks appear fuller, while any sagginess is lifted and wrinkles are eased.

I am a 55 years old and have never had any surgical procedures before so it was with fear and trepidation that I embarked on this venture!

I was developing sagging on my jawline which was affecting my self confidence. I am a photographer and aware of my side profiles and the lack of decent jaw definition was bothering me. I decided to go for MINT Threadlift because I have been a patient of Dr Kathryn’s for years and I trust her opinion and believe that she is at the forefront of innovations in the cosmetic medicine world.

I have to say that the procedure was with minimal pain although it felt very odd. Anyway, it was done very quickly and I didn’t feel at all traumatised. Surprisingly I had no bruising at all although I was quite swollen for a while afterwards. That said there was nothing unbearable and the outcome was as good as I hoped it would be. I felt a bit sore and tight on the lower face and around the mouth at first but that gradually resolved over a period of around three weeks. Now I am absolutely delighted with the results. 

I’ve had some nice compliments from family and friends which has boosted my confidence. I would recommend the Mint Threadlift procedure for lifting of lower face, sag and definitely recommend Dr Kathryn.

Patient Review

Downtime After a Non Surgical Face Lift

Downtime after a thread lift treatment is minimal. You may experience some very slight bruising or swelling in the days following your procedure as well as some mild tension in the areas that have been elevated. Dr Kathryn Taylor Barnes will give you individual advice tailored to your lifestyle to ensure your recovery is as quick and easy as possible.

The Lift Thread Procedure

The procedure usually takes 30 – 60 minutes and is practically painless. Patients on whom I performed the treatment, stated that the discomfort associated with the procedure is much lesser than in the case when the hyaluronic acid is administered. Additionally, you can perform local anaesthesia by using an anaesthetic cream. Then you should identify points of entry for the needle and thread input lines under the skin.

After determining the scope of the treatment, the placement of needles into the subcutaneous tissue will follow. Needles are placed at specific points on the face to get the most effective skin tightening effect. When you invoke the aesthetic effect, involving muscle relaxation, the threads enter deeper into the skin, directly into the facial muscles.

Immediately after the treatment, the skin might be slightly reddened and slight bruising might appear. This usually disappears within a few days. The effects of the treatment can be seen immediately, but keep in mind that formation of new collagen starts after 10-14 days and then it really starts to show the effects of the treatment.

Due to the low invasiveness of the procedure, no complications, immediate effects, no discomfort, treatments with PDO threads may soon dominate the aesthetic medicine market, especially since the results achieved are similar to surgical procedures.

PDO Information

PDO (polydioxanone) is a potent synthetic fibre, consisting of one filament (mono-filament) or two filaments twisted solid (poli-filament) which dissolve after a certain time in the tissue.

Polydioxanone is a material known and used in medicine for many years. So far, it was mainly used for the production of subcutaneous and skin sutures, that were used in plastic surgery, gastroenterology, urology, gynaecology and ophthalmology.

Based on clinical observations, it was found that polydioxanone stimulates tissue neocolagenesis process – that stimulates the production of new collagen – the protein responsible for the tension and firmness of the skin. In addition, stimulation of fibroblasts results in stimulating the synthesis of elastin – the protein responsible for skin firmness and elasticity.

By introducing the PDO thread in the skin, we get immediate improvement in its appearance. After about 10-14 days, begins the synthesis with the body’s natural proteins (collagen and elastin). This process continues throughout the period of maintaining the threads in the body (up to 240 days). The resulting aesthetic effects persist typically for up to 24 months.

When using the thread, we are strengthening the influence on the sagging tissue. Due to the rapid absorption of the thread, there is no risk of thickening or scarring, as it happens in cases of using large diameter fibres and threads with a long period of biodegradability (over a year).

Lifting PDO thread is a treatment dedicated primarily for patients aged 30-65 years.

The treatment effects are:

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Smoothing wrinkles
  • Narrowing the pores
  • Skin lightening
  • Increase the volume
  • Lifting the skin

The main indications for the use of PDO threads are:

On the face:

  • Vertical and horizontal forehead wrinkles
  • Forehead, reduced outer edges of the eyebrows, slender, soft tissue, drooping eyebrows
  • Lower eyelid – bags
  • Cheeks
  • Clear nasal-labial folds
  • The groove buccal-zygomatic
  • Double chin
  • The puppet fold
  • V-lifting
  • Drooping cheeks and the area under the lower jaw
  • Folds of skin on the cheek
  • Wrinkled cheeks

On the body:

  • The folds and wrinkles of the skin on the neck and décolleté
  • Sagging tissue
  • Insensitive skin and subcutaneous tissue (especially after liposuction)
  • Obesity – arms, abdomen


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