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Lift Your Brow; for a younger,
more youthful appearance

A Non-Surgical Eyebrow Lift at Real You Clinic

Eyebrow Lift

An eyebrow lift is a revolutionary treatment which allows minimally invasive surgery to lift sagging skin, without leaving any scars.

Sutures are used for support of the soft facial tissues without resorting to the traditional lifting techniques, reduce or completely delete naso-labial or bucco-mandibular wrinkles, raise eyebrows, stretch neck tissues, correct the mandibular outline.

Threadlifts can also used to give harmony to a badly contoured or flat face.

Real You Lift

The sutures are made of Polylattide & Coprolactone, i.e. the same components of the absorbable sutures that have been used for more than 50 years for sewing wounds. Happy Lift are improved to stay longer in the tissue. The small bi-oriented “cogs” are an integral part of Happy Lift. The “cogs” actually become a supporting structure for soft tissues when the sutures are inserted under the skin, therefore the thread is much more stable and has long lasting effect.

The threads used are absorbable monofilament surgical sutures. These sutures are specially developed and have fishbone shape with very small (almost invisible) swells (“cogs”). When the sutures are inserted under the skin, the “cogs” stitch to the soft tissues, thus becoming a supporting structure that prevents or delays the face skin ageing.

Unlike traditional lifting, sutures do not change the facial contour, but rejuvenate and refresh the face. The soft facial tissues are repositioned to their correct original positions before being affected by ageing, mastication, facial expressions and gestures. If you ever ask “How will I look after the procedure?” – Go back to photos of yourself taken some years ago – now you could look like that again, thanks to an eyebrow lift at Real You.

Eyebrow Lift Treatments in Twickenham

The benefits of a brow lift include shaping and lifting, giving dramatic results that last more than 2 years. Brow lifts are a good option for those aged 30 to 60 years, for whom gentle sagging may be apparent, but collagen deposits are still enough for regeneration. Younger patients who want to improve their facial contours, or those with facial asymmetry, may also consider this treatment.

A brow lift can correct a sagging or deeply furrowed brow. The procedure will reduce the creases, or ‘frown lines’, that develop across the forehead and on the bridge of the nose. It can also raise the eyebrows to a more alert and youthful position.

Brow Lift Procedure

This procedure is ideal for clients who do not yet need standard face lifting for their appearance adjustment and who just wish to enliven their faded face and refresh their appearance without any demanding operation.

The principle is based on using a thin needle to introduce very thin fibres with hooks which grasp the skin in its new position under the face or cheek. Sutures are designed for cheek lifting, jaw, neck, temple and forehead lifting, eyebrow rising, cheek fat modelling and correction of innate or post-traumatic face paralysis. The sutures are absorbable and the lifting effect lasts for more than two years.


  • Only local anaesthesia without the need for hospitalisation, you can go home soon after the treatment.
  • The straining effect is immediately visible and the original features of your face will remain preserved. The fibre is absorbable, of natural materials, and therefore does not introduce any foreign bodies into your body.
  • The effect is not lasting, you must decide whether you want the mini facelift in the future again.
  • No scars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an eyebrow lift considered a safe procedure?
Absolutely. It is generally considered to be the safest lifting procedure.
Is general anaesthesia required?
No, only local or truncular anaesthesia.
How long does the procedure take?
Approximately 10-15 minutes for small areas, up to 30 minutes for the whole face; this is true for professionals with long term experience in the use of such techniques.
Does the procedure leave visible scars on the face?
There are no scars or traces left on the face.
How long do the results last?
Approximately 2-3 years, depending also on some adverse factors: the time of the first operation, the lifestyle, food, smoking, sleep, genotype, amount of free radicals generated.
How long is downtime after the treatment?
One of the most unpleasant aspects are the restrictions during the recovery period. The precautions against trauma or stress of the treated area are of utmost importance. It is recommended to sleep in the first few days in a semi-sitting position, with a pillow under the neck and outstretched shoulders. Face cleaning, face cream and make-up application should be done with extreme care in the first days of the recovery period. In 15-20 days you could get back to your usual habits, resume your normal sporting activity, and in 35-40 days you could get back to your usual schedule.
Are there any side effects of eyebrow lift sutures?
The side effects are very rare and if they occur, they are expressed very slightly with slight blush fully disappearing in 1-2 days. If the patient has gone preventive therapy with vitamin K and Arnica before the operation, the side effects duration is reduced to 60%. The rare cases of infections occur when the patient has not gone preventive therapy prescribed by the Doctor.
How long should I wait before undergoing another thread lift treatment?
Between 6 and 8 weeks.
Which areas can be treated with sutures?
Eyebrow lifting – middle, central, lateral, combined or universal; breast lifting; jaw lifting; neck lifting; temporary lifting; frontal or temporal endoscopic lifting; Bichat’s fat pad lifting; for all congenital, traumatic and iatrogenic paresis of the facial nerves as well as facial and sectorial paresis.

If you’d like to turn back time, try our eyebrow lift treatment. If you have any questions regarding your brow lift then please contact us or call us on 020 8901 6444 today.


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