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Even with diet and exercise, sometimes it’s difficult to maintain weight loss or get rid of stubborn fat. Fortunately Dr Kathryn can help!

Body Composition Analysis

Dr Kathryn will use the 99% accurate ACCUNIQ BC380 to analyse your body composition. You will receive a comprehensive evaluation of your body, and learn more about your body type, body age, basal metabolic rate, daily calorie requirement, body cell mass, visceral fat mass, degree of obesity. 

This information can be used to tailor your weight loss plan to your needs, with Dr Kathryn’s ongoing support.

Find out more about Body Composition Analysis.


Weight Management

Perhaps you’re looking for a full body weight loss solution? If you are suitable, Dr Kathryn may prescribe appetite suppression medication which works to curb hunger and reduce cravings.

This self-administered injection works by activating the areas of the brain that regulate appetite, leading to reduced feelings of hunger and increased feelings of fullness and satiety.

Discover more about Appetite Suppression Medication or simply call 020 8901 6444 to book your complimentary consultation.


ProLon™ Diet

Dr Kathryn has also introduced ProLon™ diet to Real You Clinic. It is the first and only fast-mimicking diet developed by Professor Valter Longo. The ProLon™ diet gives you plant-based meal plans and snacks for 5 days every month, while the other days are free for you to continue eating healthily, as you normally would.

Traditional fasting was done by only drinking water, and not consuming any foods. But now you don’t have to go to that extreme! Food-fasting has been clinically studied for decades, with over $25 million of research showing it can give highly effective results. The health benefits

It is recommended to follow the ProLon™ diet plan long-term to see noticeable changes with your weight, but it can also improve cholesterol levels and inflammation in the initial 5 days. The specially selected plant-based ingredients of the ProLon™ range mean you get the necessary nutrients while also experiencing changes at a cellular level, which still allow your body to maintain lean mass, including muscle.

I took the 5 day ProLon Meal Programme and lost 2.7kg in the 5 days. I found it easy to do. The diet schedule was very well defined and easy to follow. Having the 5 boxes with each days food was helpful. Lastly, the quality of the food was excellent with the soups from Italy, the Olives from Spain and the Kale Crackers from the USA. As this is a fasting mimicking diet I plan to use it every 4 – 6 weeks to control the weight loss I have achieved.

Patient Review

Book your complimentary consultation with Dr Kathryn now if you’d like to make a positive change to your health and weight!

Fat Dissolving Treatments

Dr Kathryn can use fat dissolving injections to eliminate fat cells permanently.

No matter how good your diet is and how regular your exercise regime, there are areas of face and body which just hold onto fat. Areas like the jawline, love handles, thighs, knees and bingo wings are all treatable with an injectable fat dissolving treatment (subject to your consultation with Dr Kathryn). Just a small change can really give your self confidence a boost!

Fat dissolving injections are suitable for both men and women.


For the treatment of stubborn fat, Dr Kathryn currently offers:

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