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Vaginal Rejuvenation Labial Puff Treatment

An innovative treatment to give you confidence in your most intimate area.

Many women develop laxity and deflation of the labia majora as they age.

Decreases in estrogen may contribute to ageing in this delicate area just like in the face. After child birth and around menopause are common times when women notice this problem. The wrinkling and laxity can be addressed by two options; using injections of your own fat or by using a longer lasting French dermal filler called Desirial, produced specifically for this purpose.

Cosmetically inclined women are truly taking a head-to-toe approach to anti-aging solutions these days.

Sometimes, this even includes advanced aesthetic procedures for the genital area– often referred to as a labiaplasty. Just as drooping breasts are associated with ageing, some women associate the droopy, less voluminous appearance of their labia with old age. One of the newest procedures custom designed to address this issue is the “labial puff.” You can achieve volume enhancement in this intimate area without the need for surgery and the risks associated.

Dr Kathryn is a leading expert in this procedure, with a post-graduate qualification DRCOG and years of experience in gynaecology, you can rest assured you’ll be in safe hands.

The Procedure

The dermal filler from Vivacy laboratories in France is used at the clinic for this intimate and bespoke treatment.

The labia majora consists of the outermost folds, or lips, surrounding the vagina. As women age, the labia loses its laxity and it may take on a deflated appearance. Like any other part of the body, the labia is also subject to wrinkling. Women may particularly notice their labia changing after childbirth and during menopause.

It may seem like a silly concern, but some women feel that their genitals are symbolic of their youth and sexual appeal. By rejuvenating the labia, that youthful look can be restored.

The labial puff also helps to conceal the labia minora from outside view, for a more proportioned appearance. It’s important to note that the labial puff is a form of labiaplasty, which involves the outer appearance of the vagina. Vaginoplasty, or vaginal rejuvenation, involves the surgical reconstruction or tightening of the vagina itself.

We use the dermal filler from Vivacy laboratories in France and after a numbing cream is applied to the labia, a tiny needle injects the solution. Results last for up to three years.


We are offering FREE consultations for those thinking about the Labial Puff / Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment. Simply contact us to get your personal and private consultation at our Twickenham clinic.

With age, we naturally lose collagen in our skin and hormones play a huge part in changes to the labia. Click below to learn more about Hormone Replacement Therapy at Real You.


We have been featured in the Mail OnlineDaily Express & Business Standard mentioning our Labial Puff treatment coming in January 2014. We are very excited to offer Labial Puff Rejuvenation.

Published: October 23rd 2013

Real You has been featured in the Daily Mail online in an article discussing how Vivacy dermal fillers, Desirial, have changed a patients sex life and confidence following a difficult child birth and early menopause.

Published: August 21st 2019


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