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Aqualyx Fat Removal for Double Chin

Developed For the Non-Surgical Reduction
of Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue

Revolutionary Double Chin Reduction with Aqualyx



Discover the targeted solution for double chin reduction at Real You Clinic. Our Aqualyx Fat Removal treatment offers a specialised, non-surgical approach to diminish the appearance of a double chin, enhancing your natural contours. Ideal for those seeking a minimally invasive option, Aqualyx works by dissolving fat cells, which are then naturally expelled by the body, ensuring a smoother, more defined jawline.

Get rid of stubborn fat for good in as few as 3-6 sessions with Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections by calling us now on 0208 9016 444.


Is the Aqualyx Injectable suitable for me?

Discover if our Aqualyx treatment for double chin reduction aligns with your aesthetic goals. Ideal for individuals seeking a non-surgical approach to redefine their chin profile, this treatment is designed for those troubled by subcutaneous fat beneath the chin. Emphasizing natural contours and minimal discomfort, our Twickenham & Richmond clinic offers a pathway to a more defined jawline and rejuvenated appearance. To fully understand how this tailored solution can meet your needs, we invite you to book a personalised consultation with us. Together, we’ll explore your care options and determine the best route to achieve the look you desire.

Why Choose Dr. Kathryn for Double Chin Reduction?

At the Real You Clinic, Dr. Kathryn’s approach to Aqualyx fat removal transcends the ordinary, providing bespoke treatment plans tailored specifically for double chin reduction. Her expertise and commitment to personalised care ensure that each treatment is meticulously designed to reflect your unique self, promising a confident, rejuvenated appearance. With minimal downtime and lasting effects, Dr. Kathryn’s method offers a seamless journey towards enhancing your profile. Experience the pinnacle of aesthetic precision in Twickenham & Richmond – book your consultation today to discover the transformative power of bespoke Aqualyx treatment under Dr. Kathryn’s expert care.

How Do The Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections Work?



Aqualyx is a solution without phosphatidylcholine which acts on dissolving the fat and destroying the cell membrane.

The treatment is injected into the fatty tissue causing the destruction of fat cells which are transported to the liver and excreted from the body through the kidneys.

In contrast to other treatments, Aqualyx:

  • Is painless and more efficient
  • Non-invasive
  • Can eradicate stubborn fat in 3 to 6 sessions
  • Allows you to return to normal activity straight away

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After Treatment

After surgery, you will be able to return to your daily activities. You may feel a very light burning sensation, itching or tenderness, this is quite normal and nothing to worry about.

There may be visible redness and swelling over the next few days. The skin will be slightly painful and tender with a little bruising. This is a normal reaction and resolves quickly.

Call us today on 020 8901 6444 to find out more about Aqualyx and book your treatment.

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