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While sweating is a normal human bodily function, some people naturally sweat more or less than others. Some individuals sweat in excess, causing problems with school, work, and social situations. It affects both males and females, starting at any age, it can become emotionally distressing.

Effective treatments are now available to help with prescription medical injections administered directly to the affected areas:

  • Armpits
  • Feet
  • Hands
  • Scalp

Dr Kathryn is particularly skilled in reducing sweating and her clients regularly say that she has transformed their lives by helping them combat excessive sweating.

So if you’d like to avoid soggy patches, wet handshakes and prolong the life of your blow-dry and Louboutin’s, book in for a free consultation today!

Treatment takes as little as 30 minutes and the effective sweat reduction lasts up to 8 months!

Contact the clinic today by calling 0208 901 6444 or email to book your FREE consultation!