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Dermal fillers might be the answer!

Lips can lose their volume and definition with age, developing lines and wrinkles. But this collagen depletion can be overcome with dermal fillers. They work to plump the lips for a more youthful look, while hyaluronic acid attracts and retains moisture to give results that last up to a year.


Here’s what a lovely client said about her recent lip treatment at Real You…


“I had been really unhappy with my lips post menopause, but too nervous to go ahead with enhancement for fear of looking too contrived.

I’ve been going to the Real You Clinic for some time now; Dr Kathryn and I have built a strong bond of trust so it made sense to have her do the procedure. She listened to my concerns at the consultation and together we agreed the look I wanted to achieve… natural and in keeping with the rest of my face and mature years!

As always, I’m absolutely delighted with my new lips and feel so much more attractive and confident. Thank you!”

Look at her subtle and natural-looking results!

Her lips are more defined, a little plumper, and the texture is improved too.

You don’t have to go big with lip fillers, even just a little difference in volume and definition can give you so much confidence.

Dr Kathryn used Juvéderm Volbella for this treatment, a filler designed for less swelling and optimal duration, specifically for lips.

Juvéderm Volbella is effective for:

  • enhancing lip contours to improve definition and outline
  • redefining the philtrum
  • filling lines to support marionette lines and restore youth
  • increasing lip volume to balance an asymmetrical appearance
  • treating oral commissures to give a positive expression

Lip treatments are suitable for younger and older patients who want to boost their confidence and enhance their smile.

From now until Christmas, Dr Kathryn is offering 1ml Juvéderm Volbella for £250!

This offer is subject to consultation, so book yours now and get luscious lips in time for the mistletoe!


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