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Revitalise Your Hands, Reclaim Your Youth | Real You Clinic

Youthful Hands with Laser Rejuvenation

Reclaim Your Youthful Hands with Laser Rejuvenation

As time gracefully marches on, the delicate skin on our hands reveals the stories of our lives. Prolonged sun exposure, constant movement, and the wear and tear of daily activities can cause our hands to lose their once tight, youthful appearance, showcasing wrinkles, age spots, and visible veins. At the Real You Clinic, we understand that your hands should reflect the vitality you feel within.

Rejuvenate Your Hands at Real You Clinic

Our exceptional hand rejuvenation treatment, utilising Nordly’s IPL Skin Rejuvenation program, ensures that your hands don’t betray your true age. Hand Rejuvenation is a personalised experience, tailored to your unique needs, and can be offered alongside or separate from dermal filler treatments.

The Nordly’s IPL procedure delivers precise bursts of light into the skin, targeting specific areas while keeping the surrounding areas untouched. The treatment is remarkably comfortable, often described as a gentle “rubber band snapping” sensation, accompanied by cooling gels to enhance your comfort throughout.

Why Choose Hand Rejuvenation at Real You Clinic?

Personalised Approach: Dr. Kathryn takes the time to understand your goals, conducting a thorough skin assessment to determine the ideal number of sessions for your desired youthful look.

Comfortable Procedure: Our ground-breaking IPL technology, paired with cooling gels, ensures a comfortable experience during the rejuvenation process.

Youthful Results: Clinical studies and patient satisfaction reports showcase high levels of improvement in various skin conditions, making laser-based options the most efficient in reducing signs of aging. The results speak for themselves!

How can I make an appointment?

To make an appointment please email Dr Kathryn or call on 020 8901 6444.

The images used are genuine untouched Real You Clinic clients they are subject to copyright and cannot be edited without permission or accrediting the Real You Clinic.


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