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Discover Radiant Skin with Klárdie at the Real You Clinic:

Exclusive Skincare Solutions

Welcome to Klárdie Skincare

Discover the essence of beauty and rejuvenation with Klárdie, a premier skincare brand renowned for its innovative and scientifically-backed formulations. At the Real You Clinic, led by the esteemed Dr. Kathryn, we are thrilled to introduce a curated selection of Klárdie products designed to transform your skin. Embrace a bespoke skincare journey with us and experience the luxurious care your skin deserves.

Why Dr. Kathryn Recommends Klárdie

Dr. Kathryn understands the importance of a tailored skincare regimen. With Klárdie’s unique formulations, including the innovative Hyalusome™ for long-lasting hydration and the CELLUP-Complex™ for deep skin nourishment, she can offer a bespoke approach to skincare. For example the ability to combine the Klárdie Cellup Dia and Ruby Solution to maximise the benefits of the two products and achieve brightening and improved skin elasticity at the same time.

Embrace the Pinnacle of Skincare with Klárdie’s Skincare Solutions

At the Real You Clinic, under the expert guidance of Dr. Kathryn, we’re excited to introduce the revolutionary Klárdie skincare line. Klárdie, inspired by the German word for ‘clear’ and the English word for ‘radiance’, merges nature with science to offer unparalleled skin rejuvenation. This cutting-edge bioceutical brand, backed by Hans Biomed, leverages bio-fusion technology and patented stem cell conditioned media for a naturally radiant complexion.

Cellup Dia Solution

Ultimate Hydration and Rejuvenation

Inspired by the lustre of a diamond, the Cellup Dia Solution brings your inner beauty to the surface. Formulated with Hyalusome™ and CELLUP-Complex™, this skin booster delivers exceptional hydration and rejuvenation, enhancing skin texture, elasticity, and brightness. Ideal for achieving the coveted ‘glass skin’ look, its blend of amino acids, peptides, vitamins, and antioxidants promises to revitalise your skin from within.

Cellup Ruby Solution

Luminous Complexion Perfection

Echoing the brilliance of a ruby, the Cellup Ruby Solution unveils your skin’s hidden radiance. With RADIANCELL-Complex™, including niacinamide and tranexamic acid, it targets pigmentation, freckles, and blemishes, offering a multi-dimensional brightening effect. This solution is perfect for those seeking an even, luminous skin tone.

Fusicare Calming Moist Balm

An oasis of calm for stressed skin, this moisturising cream deeply nourishes and balances the skin with a potent blend of Fusidium Coccineum Ferment Filtrate, Panthenol, Allantoin, and Ceramide NP. Ideal for skin craving an intense dose of nutrition and moisture, this balm restores weakened skin to its optimal state of hydration and calm.

Key Ingredients
Fusidium Coccineum Ferment Filtrate 380,000ppm +
Panthenol + Allantoin + Ceramide NP

Fusicare Intensive Barrier Ampoule

Safeguard your skin with this hypoallergenic soothing ampoule. A powerful concoction aimed at calming and moisturising, it’s perfect for sensitive skin types. Packed with 380000ppm of Fusidium Coccineum Ferment Filtrate it fortifies the skin’s barrier, ensuring long-lasting comfort and resilience.

Key Ingredients
Fusidium Coccineum Ferment Filtrate 380,000ppm
+ Panthenol + Allantoin + Niacinamide

Fusicare Relief Cream Mask

Indulge in the ultimate care for tired skin with this hypoallergenic sheet mask. Rich in active ingredients including Fusidium Coccineum Ferment Filtrate, Panthenol, Allantoin, and Salvia Hispanica Seed Extract, it delivers an intense supply of nutrients, unveiling a revitalised, hydrated complexion.

Key Ingredients
Fusidium Coccineum Ferment Filtrate 380,000ppm +
Panthenol + Allantoin + Salvia Hispanica Seed Extract

Clinical Excellence and Dermatological Safety

The Klárdie product line has undergone rigorous dermatological testing, evidencing its safety and efficacy. Clinical results show significant improvements in skin hydration, reduction in transdermal water loss, and a soothing effect on erythema, affirming the line’s potency in enhancing skin health.

Why Choose Klárdie with Dr. Kathryn

At the Real You Clinic, Dr. Kathryn selects products that align with our commitment to delivering advanced skincare solutions. The Klárdie product line exemplifies this, offering targeted relief and rejuvenation for sensitive and compromised skin. With the expertise of Dr. Kathryn, embark on a skincare journey that transforms and nurtures, achieving a serene, balanced complexion with the comprehensive care of Klárdie.

Discover the soothing, revitalising benefits of the Klárdie Product range and treatments at the Real You Clinic and let Dr. Kathryn guide you towards your healthiest skin yet.

How do I know which products are suitable for me?

Dr Kathryn will thoroughly assess your skin and recommend specific products for you to target your concerns and restore your skin’s health.

What happens if I react to a Klárdie product?

Should you experience any adverse reactions to your Klárdie treatment, please contact Dr Kathryn at the Real You Clinic as soon as possible where she will be able to advise you.

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