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Transforming Skin Care with Light & Bright

Hello to everyone seeking a radiant, even-toned complexion! I’m delighted to share my insights on the Light & Bright Treatment using the Nordlys device from Candela which provides a cutting-edge solution for achieving beautifully luminous skin.


What is Light & Bright?

Light & Bright is a ground-breaking treatment that merges Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Fractional laser resurfacing [Frax 1940nm and Frax 1550nm ] technology. It’s adept at tackling a spectrum of skin concerns, from pigmentation irregularities to vascular issues, offering a holistic approach to skin rejuvenation.

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The Dual Power of IPL and Frax 1940 nm and Frax 1550 nm

The IPL treatment addresses superficial skin issues like brown age spots and blotchy sun damage as well as broken capillaries seen with sun damage and acne effects and Rosacea. The Frax targets deeper pigmented lesions, fine lines and skin texture and even acne scarring issues. Their combined effect works beautifully to whole host of annoying skin problems and significantly enhances skin quality.

Safe, Effective, and Versatile

Designed for a range of skin types, Light & Bright is a non-invasive, safe, and effective treatment. It offers the convenience of minimal discomfort and downtime, fitting perfectly into busy schedules. I have over 19 years’ experience as an aesthetic medicine consultant and I am an expert in delivering this combo treatment at The Real You Clinic located in a modern and beautiful medical facility which is CQC regulated in St Margaret’s near Richmond and Twickenham in West London.

Why Choose Light & Bright?

It’s unique capability to treat multiple skin issues simultaneously sets Light & Bright apart. It’s not just a corrective treatment; it’s a transformative journey towards natural beauty and confidence. The treatment is very popular at The Real You Clinic and the results speak for themselves.

Complex treatments are personalised to suit you

Nordlys’ clinical intelligence enhances your treatment possibilities and reduces the risk of any side effects by tailoring your treatment to suit you.

I personalise your treatment based on your specific skin type, suntan, vessel or hair thickness and select the appropriate energy level and pulse length for you. This advanced technology not only offers outstanding results, it also provides a more comfortable experience for you!


Nordlys, Laser Treatments available at the Real You Clinic
Nordlys, Laser Treatments available at the Real You Clinic

Ideal Candidates for Light&Bright

This treatment is perfect for anyone battling uneven skin tone, age spots, or visible capillaries and seeking a non-surgical solution for noticeable improvement without significant downtime. Zoom meetings in the workplace and Instagram Selfies have  made us increasingly more self-aware of our outwards appearance and skin in particular. The Light & Bright treatment can work hand in hand with a good medical grade skincare regime to help keep the skin looking its absolute best.


My Perspective as an Expert

Having used Light and Bright for over two years, the positive feedback and patient satisfaction have been overwhelming. This technology has not only transformed skin appearance but also significantly boosted patients’ self-esteem. Their glowing testimonials and the visible improvements in their skin reaffirm Light & Bright’s efficacy and popularity in aesthetic treatments. As a practitioner, witnessing these profound and positive changes in my patients has been incredibly rewarding, solidifying Light & Bright’s role in modern aesthetic therapy.

Embrace Your Skin’s Potential

Candela’s Light & Bright treatment makes achieving flawless skin more attainable than ever. It’s about unleashing your skin’s potential and letting your natural beauty shine. Fractional non ablative skin resurfacing  is the way forwards as one of the most modern methods of tackling pigmentation and skin textural issues. At The Real You Clinic I use both the Frax 1940nm and Frax 1550nm devices to create a bespoke treatment plan and get the best results for her patients. Having a clear and youthful glowing complexion can give an amazing confidence boost and help propel you in the workplace and into a happier life.

Discover the Light and Bright Difference

Ready for a skin transformation? If Light & Bright aligns with your skin goals, I invite you to reach out. Let’s embark on this journey together towards a brighter, more beautiful you. Please refer to my Instagram page @RealYouclinic for before and after patient results.

If you’d like to book a complimentary consultation to chat skincare with Dr Kathryn, or find out if Nordlys could offer the treatment for you, then get in touch now on 020 8901 6444 or email


And stay tuned for more new treatments coming soon to Real You Clinic…!