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Introducing Nordlys by Candela

Dr Kathryn at the Real You Clinic has invested in the new ground-breaking Nordlys technology from the medical grade specialist Candela.

The innovative Nordlys technology meets the increasing demand for dermatological and aesthetic procedures offering a whole host of treatments to meet your specific needs. Nordlys, (meaning northern lights in Danish), uses advanced technology to improve the appearance of your skin.

What is Nordlys technology?

The Nordlys technology is equivalent to 6 stand alone devices all in one, making it the most versatile vascular and rejuvenation platform on the market!

Using both laser and Selective Waveband Technology, it reduces any unnecessary and potentially harmful wavelengths reaching the skin.

Dr Kathryn made the decision to invest in Nordlys technology to offer you a wider range of treatments and deliver exceptional results for you.


Complex treatments are personalised to suit you

Nordlys’ clinical intelligence enhances your treatment possibilities and reduces the risk of any side effects by tailoring your treatment to suit you.

Dr Kathryn will personalise your treatment based on your specific skin type, suntan, vessel or hair thickness and select the appropriate energy level and pulse length for you. This advanced technology not only offers outstanding results, it also provides a more comfortable experience for you!


A wide range of treatments

With over 17 years of development, the Nordlys offers a wide variety of dermatological and aesthetic treatments available at the Real You Clinic:

  • Rejuventation
  • Sun damage/Age spots
  • Freckles
  • Rosacea
  • Vascular treatments
  • Pigmentation
  • Hair removal
  • Treatment of scarring
  • Skin resurfacing treatments



Here Dr Kathryn has treated her client’s extensive sun damage pigmentation using the advanced Nordlys technology.

The results are fantastic!! After just 5 weeks and only one 20 minute treatment, there is already an 80% visible improvement on the skin tone, texture and luminosity.


Dr Kathryn has treated a collection of small blood vessels in a very sensitive area while providing greater comfort during and after the treatment. Within 1 week this will flake off leaving little to no sign of the blood vessels.

The Real You Clinic cannot wait to share the results ‘after 1 week’ with you!


Here Dr Kathryn has treated on her client’s sun damage pigmentation around the eye area. The advance technology allows for personalisation providing a comfortable and accurate treatment that’s personal to you.

A fantastic result showing a 100% improvement with visibly improved skin tone, texture and luminosity after just 5 weeks and only one 20-minute treatment!

So book your consultation with Dr Kathryn, safe in the knowledge she is a true professional….dedicated to looking after you, with a reputation for delivering a refreshed, revitalised and totally fabulous ‘you’!

If you’d like to book a complimentary consultation to chat skincare with Dr Kathryn, or find out if Nordlys could offer the treatment for you, then get in touch now on 020 8901 6444 or email


And stay tuned for more new treatments coming soon to Real You Clinic…!