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Transforming Skincare: My Experience with Polynucleotides Treatments

I’ve always been passionate about discovering and implementing treatments that offer genuine, lasting results. Among the many innovative options we provide, Polynucleotides treatments have stood out for their remarkable effectiveness. In this blog, I’ll share the success stories and benefits we’ve observed with this cutting-edge technology.

The Journey Begins

As the founder and lead practitioner at the Real You Clinic, my commitment to advancing skincare goes beyond the treatments themselves—it encompasses a relentless pursuit of knowledge and the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine. I dedicate myself to ongoing training and education, ensuring that I am at the forefront of cutting-edge techniques and breakthrough products. This dedication is driven by a singular mission: to provide my clients with the most effective and innovative treatments available, ensuring they receive the highest standard of care and achieve the best possible results for their skin.

When I first encountered Polynucleotides, I was immediately captivated by its potential to dramatically improve skin health using natural, bio-compatible elements. Intrigued by the science behind these powerful molecules and their proven efficacy in numerous clinical studies, I knew this treatment had to be part of our service offerings at Real You Clinic. By integrating Polynucleotides into our suite of treatment options, we are not only adhering to our high standards but are also offering our clients a truly transformative skincare solution, underpinned by the latest innovations in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Polynucleotides Treatment: The Science Behind Skin Rejuvenation

Polynucleotides are long-chain molecules that play a crucial role in the biological processes of all living organisms. In the context of skincare, these molecules are harvested primarily from salmon DNA, which is remarkably compatible with human skin. This compatibility is key because it allows for a highly effective treatment with minimal risk of allergic reactions.


The Polynucleotides treatment involves injecting these natural molecules directly into the skin where they act as potent bio-stimulators. By promoting the regeneration of the dermis, they help to improve skin hydration, elasticity, and firmness. The treatment boosts the skin’s natural collagen production, accelerates cellular repair processes, and enhances overall skin health. Essentially, it works from the inside out to revitalize the skin, making it look younger, fresher, and more radiant.

Success Stories

Both Emily and John are testament to the transformative power of Polynucleotides treatments at Real You Clinic. These stories highlight not only the efficacy of the treatment in combating signs of aging and environmental damage but also its ability to deeply restore and rejuvenate skin from within.

John’s Recovery

John, a 55-year-old teacher, was struggling with skin damaged by years of outdoor activities and minimal sunscreen use. His main concerns were deep wrinkles and a rough texture that gave his skin a weathered appearance. After exploring various treatment options, we selected Polynucleotides to target his skin’s texture and firmness.

After six sessions of Polynucleotides injections, John’s skin showed a dramatic improvement. The rough texture began to soften, and the depth of his wrinkles reduced considerably. The treatment not only improved his skin’s structural integrity but also brought back a level of moisture and softness that he hadn’t seen in years. John was particularly impressed by how the treatments healed his skin, attributing this change to the regenerative properties of the Polynucleotides.

Emily’s Transformation

Emily, a 42-year-old marketing executive, came to Real You Clinic concerned about the early signs of aging that were becoming increasingly visible on her face. She had noticeable fine lines around her eyes and mouth, along with a general loss of skin elasticity and dullness. After a detailed consultation, we decided to proceed with a series of Polynucleotides injections.

Over the course of four treatments spaced four weeks apart, Emily experienced remarkable improvements. Her skin became significantly more hydrated, which helped smooth out fine lines and gave her complexion a beautiful, natural glow. The enhanced elasticity restored a youthful firmness to her skin, making her look and feel years younger. Emily reported not just visible changes in her appearance, but also an increase in confidence that positively impacted her professional and personal life.

Why I Recommend This Treatment

Safety and Efficacy: With minimal side effects and proven results, it’s a go-to for patients seeking non-surgical solutions.


Comprehensive Improvement: It’s not just about looking good but feeling revitalised.


Scientifically Supported: The effectiveness of Polynucleotides is backed by robust scientific research, ensuring that we offer treatments that truly work.

At Real You Clinic, we are committed to bringing the best of aesthetic medicine to you. Polynucleotides treatments are a testament to our dedication—safe, effective, and driven by results. If you’re looking to restore your skin’s natural beauty and vitality, I invite you to explore this remarkable treatment with us.

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